Hello world!


ell, first blog- It’s taken awhile though I am keen- my dear friend and coworker Andrew coached me through today and I do owe him a lot of credit- he encouraged me to treat this like a conversation; a rant, something fun to share, just pretend we’re sitting down to a cup of tea.

I’d like to talk about “being bad” mainly because I catch myself doing it, saying it and thinking it (about me and others- it’s true I judge, we all do.. NOW that’s a real january goal to get rid of…)

I don’t even feel like I need to define “being bad”, but I will- it is eating more than I “should” , more of the fatty stuff even if it is good fat, it is eating late, it is eating wheat and dairy, eating cake only for breakfast, it is not eating breakfast and it goes on..

I’m not needing to make these things “ok” nor do I encourage them really- I believe I should listen to my body and do what it needs, the problem lies in the white noise and the little comments I make about “being bad” as though I need to let everyone know that I eat in a nutritionally sound way that also happens to involve making sure I do what I should to maintain or improve my body.

This falls into the greater picture of looking “good” I’ve got a curvy body, heavy set, if I let it it I would easily gain excess weight and carry it until my death- in aruveyda I am a kapha – the one of water, heavy, grounded , definitely got a wide set of bones . I am happy with this station in life physically, sure it has its challenges- feeling like for the longest time the only thing people noticed were my breasts , always being told I looked “sexy” never sweet, nor nice- always hot, which led me to believe people thought I was so sexually active thanks to my body…. Back to my train of thought! I love my body it’s strong , it’s a machine! It likes all kinds of different things! I am not being “BAD” I’m doing what I want to! It’s just balance! HA!


Ok.. how’s that? Too disjointed? The next one is writing itself as I write this.. whoa now!



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